The Book of Mistakes by Skip Richard

The book we have read this month in our Professional Reading Club shows us which kind of mistakes brilliant people have learnt, and then avoid, that help them to achieve success. One of the most common way to do it is learning from our own mistakes, or from the other’s, even if in that process we repeat them over and over again. But what if we build the capacity of avoiding the most common mistakes? That is the idea behind The Book of Mistakes. 9 secrets to creating a successful future, written by Skip Prichard.

However, one day, he meets someone, and his life begins to change. Why? From that day forward, he will meet nine people who owe their success to an ancient manuscript that has been passed from hand to hand from one generation to another over hundreds of years. Within the manuscript, David will understand why those people have each discovered the key to have a full and satisfying life identifying the error that they were making or had made.


Not everyone had access to the handwritten text, so David starts a journey where he will learn powerful lessons that will completely change his life. He will experience his transformation from someone who struggles with his professional life to someone who becomes an entrepreneur.

This business fable, which includes some references to God and the Bible, shows how humans can learn more from other people’s mistakes than successes, how people can discover and follow their purposes, discover new skills, and even achieve those goals they think they were the impossible. For sure, it tells us what to avoid, no how to do it.



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