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In recent years there has been an unprecedented boom in the development of technology which has changed virtually every aspect of our lives, especially regarding human interaction and collaboration.

In the organizational psychology field Jacob Morgan, principal and co-founder of Chess Media Group (consulting firm on organizational and managerial strategy) has dedicated himself to exploring and explaining how work might and should develop in the future.

Throughout “The Future of Work, Build Better Leaders and Create a Competitive Organization”, Jacob Morgan points out that the accelerated technological development should be noticeable in the world of work by now. As a main premise of this book, the author argues not only that there is an obvious discrepancy between the way we could work and the way we actually do work but also that the organizational world should and will adapt to the various technological and social changes in the future.

“The Future of Work” could be viewed as an incentive towards both employers and employees not only to make a change in their day to day routine, but also to creatively use the evolution of technology to their advantage, comfort and productivity.

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